“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

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Theory Used to Force Vaccination of Children is Not Always True

There is increasing pressure to force vaccinations on children, and increasing marketing of vaccines for adults, including pneumonia and shingles. Children cannot attend daycare or school without proof of vaccinations. The theory behind these requirements is that if everyone is...…


Mumps Being Spread by and Among Vaccinated People

Vaccines are a very lucrative business. Pfizer's vaccine Prevnar, which targets 13 strains of pneumococcus bacteria, generated $6.25 billion in revenue last year. And that's just one vaccine. Even ineffective vaccines allow vaccine makers to make a mint. One of the most obvious vaccine...…


Science in the Authoritarian State

The common conception of vaccines is that they have saved millions of lives by eradicating deadly diseases and that they are mostly if not totally safe. The public debate hinges on and legislative decisions are made based on these assumptions. Neither of them holds up…


Why is the U.S. Infant Mortality Rate So High?

Infant mortality, defined as death within the first year of life, is commonly accepted as one of the key gauges of a nation's socioeconomic development. So how is it possible that the United States, which spends more on health care per capita—$8,713 per person annually—than…

Victims of HPV Vaccine  in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers

Victims of HPV Vaccine in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers

In the U.S., the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been a subject of controversy from the very beginning after Merck’s Gardasil vaccine was licensed in 2006. Japan is one of the many nations raising concerns about HPV vaccine following persistent reports that girls are suffering…


Huffington Post Pulls Veteran Columnist’s VAXXED Movie Review

Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran, fracking activist, and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and it went up, as per…

Birth of the Zika Industry

Birth of the Zika Industry

It doesn't take much to create a new industry. Basically, all you need to do is create fear. Create a threat, an enemy, and then offer a solution to eliminating that threat and vanquishing the enemy, and... voilà, you have the beginnings of an industry.…